Summer Intensive Russian Course

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How it works:

  1. Sign up for a course and pay for it
  2. Get a link to lesson
  3. At the appointed time, follow the link and join us
  4. Enjoy the learning!

Russian Conversation for Beginners (A1 Level)

  • Native speaker, qualified teacher guiding natural conversation practice
  • Different topics every week to be discussed
  • Talking in small groups (3-5 students)
  • Authentic lesson materials, real Russian
  • Video recording of each lesson
  • Students from all around the world

4 weeks
8 lessons 30 minutes each
for only € 32! 

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 Timeline of the course

The group discusses one topic each week (2 lessons of 30 minutes each).

Monday: you get learning materials to prepare for the first lesson.

Tuesday: first lesson, 30 minutes, group of 3-5 people, speaking only, Russian language only.

Wednesday: you get the video of the first lesson and the text to read.

Friday: second lesson, 30 minutes, group of 3-5 people, speaking only, Russian language only.

Saturday: you get the video of the second lesson

The course lasts 4 weeks.

The schedule of the course: Tuesday and Friday 19:00-19:30 Moscow time (UTC+3) 

This course is for you, if you:

  • have already started to learn Russian,
  • know Russian letters and know how to read,
  • know a little Russian grammar,
  • but do not speak Russian.

New course starts on 8.10.2018

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Students from all over the world study the Russian language with City Lingva.

We have students from the UK, Spain, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Syria, Iran, China, the Philippines, and we are ready to continue the list.

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It's great!

Learn the Russian language in a friendly environment.

Discover new places and meet new people.

Russian Language Centre "City Lingva"

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