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Learn the Russian language in Minsk

If you have decided to practice your Russian or you are looking for a Russian language country to start learning this language – choose Belarus.

      • Russian is one of the two national languages in Belarus alongside with Belarusian.
      • 70% of Belarus population and 85% of Minsk citizens use Russian as the main language in everyday life.
      • In Minsk, there are a lot of high-grade instructors teaching Russian as a foreign language.
      • Minsk is a contemporary metropolis offering entertainments catering any taste and budget.
      • Minsk citizens are open-hearted and charitable.

General information about Belarus

Land area: 207 600 km2
Population: 9 500 000 residents (as of January 2014)
Dominant nationality: Belarusians
State languages: Belarusian and Russian
Dominant confessions: Roman Catholic and Orthodox
Capital city: Minsk (1 950 000 citizens)
Currency: Belarusian ruble (BYN), 1 EUR ≈ 2 BYN (as of January 2017)
Electric power utilities: 220V, 50Hz
Measurements system: metric

Belarus is located in the center of Europe and has common borderline with five countries: Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

The most ancient Slavic towns Polotsk, Turov, Minsk are located in the territory of Belarus.

Belarus is famous for its unique nature: Bialowieza forest (the most ancient undisturbed forest in European territory), clear lakes and rare species of flora and fauna.

Belarus is a European country with its own well-remembered face.

Welcome to Belarus! 



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